1. To set up an account with you will need to pick your email name and password. Choose you username carefully. Your user name may be 4 to 12 alphanumeric characters and your password can be 4 to 8. When you choose your password, don't just repeat your username over again, or use a simple sequence of numbers like 1-1-1-1 unless you really don't mind giving everyone else access to your email. And don't use your pet's name or your kid's birthday if you don't want your whole family signing on as you!

Although you can set your dial-up connection to remember your password, you may need it again - for example, if you buy a new computer. If you forget your password, we'll be able to remind you of it as long as you provide us with your user name and the answer to a specific question you give us when you establish your account. For obvious reasons, we won't give out your password over the phone unless you can prove you're really the account holder, so make sure your secret question is something that only you will know - your secret childhood nickname, for instance, or the make, model, and year of your very first car.

2. Determine the nearest dial-up number you'll use to access Check the list of dial-up numbers in your area, and find one that is a local call from your location. If you have any doubt whether it's a local call, check with the telephone company. will not be responsible for any telephone charges that you may incur.
3. Determine which browser you're going to use. The most common options are Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is included with the Windows operating system; or Mozilla Firefox. In fact, it's a good idea to have more than one browser on your system. If you run across a website that doesn't look quite right with whichever browser you are using, you can try another one and see if it looks better. There are also a number of other browsers out there, such as Opera and Mosaic, but they are much less common and we freely admit that we don't know them well enough to provide off-the-cuff technical support.
4. You'll also need to make a decision about which email software you want to use. Internet Explorer users generally use Outlook Express, which is included with Microsoft Internet Explorer. While others use Mozilla Thunderbird. If you've used email before with one or the other of these systems, you're already familiar with it, and we should be able to just walk you through the set-up for
5. When you call us, we'll get you set up with your username and password, and we'll walk you thought configuring your dialer. If you only have one telephone line in your house, we know you won't be able to test it out and talk to us at the same time, but call back if you run into any problems.
6. The last thing we'd suggest is that you make sure your virus protection software is installed, registered and up-to-date. While it's entirely possible to get a virus from a corrupted disk, it's much more likely that you'll contract one by opening an attachment to an email sent to you by a perfectly innocent friend. Just having the anti-virus disk in your possessions does nothing to protect you! Install it, scan for viruses, go online as soon as you can to register and get the most current virus definitions, and then set the software to scan regularly - like once a week. This doesn't take a lot of time, but it will save you from all kinds of mayhem and unpleasantness. We've all been there and know just how much of a pain a virus can be.